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Baseball gets $1.5m homer (From Comment News 18-24 December 2001)
Skateboard Park Approved (1 Oct 2001)
Local MP Puts Organ Donation on the Agenda (22 August 2001)
Southern River MP now on the Web (12 June 2001)
Gosnells wins prestigious award for Community Development
(16 May 2001)
Local and State Government to Enhance Canning Vale Communities Local and State Government to Enhance Canning Vale Communities (6 May 2001)
Improved Communities Plan Approved Improved Communities Plan Approved (1 May 2001)
Canning Vale Progress Association Newsletter Now Online
Brookland Green Residents Association Starts the Online Transition

Cherubs Beauty Salon Online

Residents Association

Brookland Greens

Canning Vale
Convenience Store

Community Sponsor

Mercer's Online


Canning Vale High School Information/Consultation Meetings (February 2002)
New School on the Block (February 2002)
Canning Vale high school architects appointed
(December 2001)

School's in for parents (January 27, 2002)
Campbell Primary's Big day approaches (January 22nd, 2002)
Campbell Primary School - Principal's letter to parents (19 December 2001)
Campbell Primary School Logo
Campbell Primary School - December Newsletter
The first Newsletter for East Canning Vale Primary School
Facts about the new high school  (21 Nov 2001)
New High School for Canning Vale in 2004 (21 Nov 2001)
$17 million High School in Canning Vale - Ministerial Press Release
Proposed school logos for East Canning Vale Primary School (26 September 2001)
East Canning Vale Primary School Uniform-and the winner is!!
September P&C Minutes
East Canning Vale Primary School Takes Shape (27 August 2001)
August P&C Minutes
Update New East Canning Vale Primary School News (1 August 2001)
East Canning Vale Primary School P & C Minutes - June
(1 August 2001)
New Catholic School Principal Keen on Move to New School (25 July 2001)
July P&C Minutes     
Catholic School Principal Ready to Start
(17 July 2001)
East Canning Vale Primary School News
(27 June 2001)
Canning Vale High School
(27 June 2001)
New Canning Vale Catholic Primary School (12 June 2001)
Drawing and Location of New Primary School
Drawing and Location of New Primary School ( 16 April 2001)
 High School Given Green Light (9 January 2001)
Canning Vale 'needs school now'
(16 January 2001)

Potential Freight Rail Facilities in Canning Vale ( 17 Oct 2001)

Canning Vale Convenience Store Under New Management (21 July 2001)
Mayne Logistics Facility Progresses (15 June 2001)

Armadale Health Service Receives Award


132kV Power Lines Realignment (26 Nov 2001)
Rethink on Power Lines at Primary School (26 Nov 2001)
East Canning Vale Primary School dangerous - Greens (15 Nov 2001)
Western Power - East Canning Vale Primary School Power Lines (15 Nov 2001)
Anger over power line route past school (15 Nov 2001)
Factory blamed for dumping fuel in lake (25 June 2001)
Lake Clean-up costs $10,000 (26 June 2001)
Yellow Fish Found in Brookland Greens! (May 2001)


Minister Commends Local Council-Then Internal Problems Appear 
(20 January 2002) 

Minister Commends Local Council (14 November 2001)
MacTiernan Announces $11 Million Boost for Gosnells (14 September 2001)
Local & State Government Plan to Enhance the Canning Vale Community (June 2001)
Potential Improved Communities through Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan (June 2001)
A Bright Future for World Class Community Development
27 May 2001)
Canning Times Reports New Southern River MLA Views on Canning Vale Unification "New Approach Needed"  (27 March 2001)

Pat Morris and Auriel Smith Retain Canning Vale Seats
(Online Communities, 6 May 2001)
Alan Stubbs loses bid for Second Term on Canning Council (Online Communities, 6 May 2001)


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