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Skateboard Park to be Built

Skateboard Park Approved
30 September 2001

Canning Vale youths will have access to skateboard park. The Gosnells City Council has endorsed the construction skateboard park facilities in the Thornlie area.


With funding from the City of Gosnells of $140,000, there is sufficient money for the facility to go ahead. The Rotary Club of Thornlie donated $70,000 for the main skateboard park. 

The idea is to build a regional skate park facility in Thornlie, which will be supported by several "satellite" skate parks in other parts of the city.


A City of Gosnells spokesman said a central skate park supported by "satellite" facilities was a question of equity and common sense.


"In following this strategy, we are able to cater to the needs of youth throughout the entire city rather than having to debate the most ideal location in terms of access for a single path." 

"Each facility will have a unique design so that youth don't get bored. We want to generate a skate park circuit within the city."


To make the long-awaited facilities a reality, a working party for the Thornlie facility has been formed. The group consists of councillors Ron Mitchell and Auriel Smith, Rotary Club of Thornlie members, youth representatives and City of Gosnells staff. 

Similar working parties are proposed for the future satellite facilities envisaged for other parts of the city.
Possible locations include Maddington, Beckenham, Langford and Gosnells.



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