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Canning Vale High School

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Canning Vale school architects appointed
(December 2001)

Award-winning architecture firm Spowers has been appointed to design Canning Vale’s new $17 million high school.

Cannington District Director Rose Moroz said the firm, which recently won international school design honours for its plans for two new Government high schools in Mandurah, had an excellent reputation in education architecture.

“I’m confident that, under Spowers’ direction, this will be a fabulous new school, with cutting edge educational design concepts,” he said.

Education Minister Alan Carpenter announced in September the first stage of Canning Vale High School would open in 2004, initially taking Year 8 and 9 students. 

The winning architectural tenderer was announced to a recent meeting of the school’s implementation committee. It was the second meeting for the group, whose members include representatives from Murdoch University, and Canning and Gosnells councils.

“The group also has representation from each of the three Government primary schools whose students will attend the high school – Canning Vale, Ranford and the new East Canning Vale Primary School due to open next year,” Mrs Moroz said.

Mrs Moroz said the implementation committee was keen to get as much feedback from parents of potential students as possible and called on families to become involved.

Parents can ring their local primary school to find out their representative and how to contact them,” she said.

“We really want to know how parents envisage this school and what they think their children need from it so I implore them to make contact.

“Parents who plan to send their child to the new school but don’t have any connections with the three primary schools can contact Steve Wells at the Cannington District on 9311 0508.

“All parents will then be registered on a mailing list for information and updates or, if they wish, to be included in any of the working parties.

“Regular feedback on the progress of the project will be provided to parents through the various primary school newsletters.”

Mrs Moroz said working parties would help make decisions about Teaching and Learning programs, use of Shared Facilities, Information Technology, Communications and Public Relations strategies and the school’s Badging, including the school logo, colours, name and uniform.  

The architects are now working with the community on plans. Building will start late next year.

Media contact:                    Inga Butefisch, 9264 5348



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