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Local Education

30 November, 2001


Campbell Road

Canning Vale  WA  6155

Phone:  0407 449 676
             0407 994 758

News from the Principal . . . 

Dear Parents,

A number of issues have been overcome and milestones achieved since we last communicated with you.  This newsletter carries a range of information to ensure the smooth transition into the new 2002 school year.

Movement to the School Site 
We have moved into the school Administration Building.  Unfortunately, telephones are not connected but we can be contacted on mobile numbers 0407 449 676 or 0407 994 758 and fax 92562013. The School Office is open from 8.30am – 4.00pm each week day.

Building Report
The buildings are progressing very well with interior finishing well underway. Carpets, other f

Conducted School Tours
There is a huge interest in our new school.  To allow parents to view the school before the year ends we have organised a tour day for parents on Saturday 15 December from 10.00am – 1.00pm.
Tours will be conducted in small groups by the school staff.  Unfortunately, as at this time the site will still be a building site, children will not be allowed on the tours. However we plan to hold a similar day on 24 January 2002, between 2.30pm – 4.00pm, when children will be very welcome to attend.

School Name
At our last P&C meeting, the issue of school name was discussed in connection with the first choice being rejected. The meeting proposed that the nomenclature committee re-submit the proposal and if rejected again, pursue the name Campbell Primary School.  The re-submitted proposal was again rejected and subsequently, the name Campbell Primary School was submitted and should officially be approved this week.

Commencement Dates - 2002
       School Office                 23 January, 2002
       School Teaching Staff     31 January, 2002
Term 1 Monday 4th February – Friday 19th April
                                           Term 2 Monday 6th May – Friday 5th July
                                           Term 3 Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
                                           Term 4 Monday 14th October – Thursday 19th December

2002 Class lists
We have had a number of enquiries regarding class lists for 2002.  Unfortunately, due to the large number of enrolments being received and still expected over the summer break we will not be able to finalise class structures until the end of the week prior to school starting. By doing this we are hoping to avoid the need for class restructures through the school year.

Staff Selection
The selection process for the initial new school staff has almost been completed.  Selected staff will be attending a series of workshops and meetings prior to the end of the school year. 

Power Lines
As all parents are aware, the issue of the relocation of Western Power transmission lines has been the focus at the school over the past two weeks. Parents have been represented at a series of meetings with Department of Education, Western Power, the developer, and school representatives over the past weeks.
As a result, at a final meeting held at the school last Friday, the Department of Education has removed its approval for the relocation of the Western Power transmission lines around the school. The Department of Education has in turn given three options to Western Power that were seen as acceptable by the school and parent representatives. In all these acceptable options the closest the lines come to the school is on the western or far side of the new road at the end of the school oval.  The lines then travel through the new estate. The closest the lines will come to existing school buildings will be approximately 120 metres. 

Information and Communication Technology
Planning is well underway to ensure technology supports teaching and learning at East Canning Vale Primary School.A recently released report reviewing Department of Education structures and strategies emphasises the importance for all young people to be “confident, creative and productive users of new technologies, particularly information technologies, and understand the impact of those technologies on society” (Department of Education, 2001).  Our school will be working in line with Departmental directions in the establishment of technologies which will be embedded in our children’s education.  For 2002 these include:

  • the provision of thirty notebook computers configured to access our network via wireless telecommunications, providing online learning opportunities throughout our school to answer learning needs anywhere/anytime.
  • access to twenty two computer workstations positioned in Learning Centre activity areas.
  • quality connectivity throughout our school site ensuring interaction online (eg Internet, email, library database) is fast and reliable.
  • access to other forms of technology such as digital cameras, digital photocopiers, videoconferencing cameras, digital projectors, scanners etc.

Our aim will be to identify out students’ learning needs and pinpoint where technology may enhance and support quality teaching and learning programs to provide the best possible learning opportunities available.
Community involvement will be encouraged at every stage of planning, implementation and review, so be sure to make contact and/or complete a survey planned for distribution to obtain details of your expertise and potential contribution. 
Careful planning and implementation will see information and communication technologies at our school grow and expand beyond our expectations, providing learning opportunities for our students, previously untapped. 
I am delighted to be involved in this exciting venture and look forward to working with teachers, students and parents in meeting the many challenges ahead.

Su Goddard
Assistant Principal ICT

Information Centre
Central to our school is the establishment of our Information Centre, housing books and other sources of information to support our students’ learning and recreational needs.
We welcome Mrs Lorraine Sciascia and Mrs Anne Watson who have been working with energy and enthusiasm to prepare resources for students and teachers to access.
At present we have the names of two parent volunteers who are willing to contribute time and energy to covering books in preparation for next year.  Others are welcome to make contact with Su Goddard on 0407 196 382.

Meeting the needs of individuals . . . 

East Canning Vale Primary School is committed to meeting the individual needs of our students. In order to develop and implement the most appropriate and relevant teaching and learning programs we need to be informed about children with special needs who will be attending our school in 2002. Special needs may include:

  • Speech and/or language delay
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Social /Emotional problems
  • Physical disabilities
  • Specific learning disabilities

If your child is currently involved in special programs at their current school or they receive therapy  or support from outside agencies please contact me on 0407 449 676 before the end of the 2001 school year so we can more effectively meet the needs of your child.

Parents of children enrolled in kindergarten, pre-primary and year 1 are invited to attend a parent information session on Tuesday 11 December in our staff room.  Kindergarten and pre-primary parents will meet at 9.30am and year 1 parents at 1.30pm.  This is an opportunity to meet class teachers and discuss the learning programmes to be offered in 2002.  Parents will receive notification of these meeting in the mail shortly.  Year 2-7 parent meetings will take place in February next year.

If you have any queries or concerns relating to your child’s learning needs or the teaching and learning programs being offered at East Canning Vale Primary School, please feel free to contact me at the school.

Jayne Ebsworthy
Assistant Principal  Curriculum

P&C Fundraising News

An order form for book and clothing labels is included in this package.  Please support this fundraising event, as there is a generous rebate to the school.
Any queries, please contact Leanne Scrase on
9456 1034.

Cash for Clothes
Through Anglicare we will be participating in “Cash for Clothes”.  Please start cleaning out your cupboards and closets and get rid of any unwanted or out-grown clothes and at the same time help raise money for our school.  More important information to follow.

Implementation Committee for High School
On Tuesday 30 October, the Implementation Committee for the development of the new high school in Canning Vale held its first meeting.  The District Director, Rose Moroz, chaired the meeting and outlined the role of the Committee.  
  • Information Technology

  • Communications / Public Relations

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Badging (logo, colours, name, uniform)

  • Shared facilities

Leanne Scrase
Implementation Committee

Important dates to remember:

Uniforms are available for viewing and sizing every afternoon between 3.00pm and 3.45pm at the school office until 7 December.  Full payment is required when ordering.

Orders close:  
Friday 7 December, 2001 (Note - extended closing date.)

Available for collection:

Thursday 24 January, 2002 between 2.30pm – 5.30pm 

If ordering through Wooldridges, please return completed lists to the school office.
Payment is to be made on collection of the order.  Please make cheques payable to Wooldridges
Orders close:
Tuesday 11 December, 2001

Available for collection:

Thursday 24 January, 2002 between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Kindergarten & Pre-primary parents
Year 1 parents
Year 2-7 parents

Tuesday 11 December, 2001  9.30am
Tuesday 11 December, 2001  1.30pm
February, 2002  (to be advised)

School Tour – Adults only

School Tour
– For the family

Saturday 15 December, 2001
 between 10.00am – 1.00pm

Thursday 24 January, 2002
 between 2.30pm – 4.00pm


          Term 1              Monday 4th February – Friday 19th April
Term 2              Monday 6th May – Friday 5th July
              Term 3              Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September

                        Term 4              Monday 14th October – Thursday 19th December


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