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Minutes of August Meeting
East Canning Vale Primary School 
Parents and Citizens Association

Held Wednesday, 22nd August, 2001 

Meeting opened at 7.30pm.    
Chairperson:  Vanessa Smith-Colombini

Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes were confirmed and seconded as a true and accurate record.

An amendment was noted for the June minutes, which incorrectly suggested that the school name “Hungerford” was unanimously agreed unsuitable.  In fact, no formal vote was taken and the decision was not unanimous or final.

Correspondence In

Minister of Fair Trading Certificate of Incorporation

Correspondence Out

Notification of P&C meeting to surrounding primary schools and local papers


Principals Report (see attached A)

Treasurers Report (also see attached B)

All receipts for financial members have now been processed.  Could these members please pick these up from Andre’a.  All interested parties are reminded that it costs $1.00 to become ‘financial’.

The bank balance is now $1009.00, and an interim cheque book is now available.

School Arts

There will be a meeting held on the 28th August.  The three artists invited will be discussing ideas for the middle courtyard area.

Fundraising (also see attached C)

The Fashion Parade details are as follows:

Venue:  Canning Vale Community Hall

Date:     Friday, 14th September, 2001

Time:     7.30 -9.30pm

Uniform (see attached D)

School Name (see attached E)

School Logo (also see attached F)

A motion was passed by Annie Pearcy.

MOTION:  That the logo choices presented at the meeting be reduced to the most popular three choices by vote.  These will then be sent to the graphic artist for any further development that may be required.

Seconded:  Corrina Mantegna

Result:            Most popular choices were number nine (with 15 votes), number ten (with 18 votes) and number 5 (with 12 votes).  These go back to graphic artist. 

Action:            Annie Pearcy

Canteen  (see also attached G)

The Canteen Committee presented a number of options for the setting up of the school canteen.  A decision on this issue will be made at a later meeting.


WACSSO Training Night

Thanks to all who attended on 2nd August for training. 

School Progress

Peter Glendenning - School progress is going well.

Mail Out

The mail out went on schedule.  

Upcoming Committees

Peter Glendenning - Some important new committees will become more important soon.  These are: a Pre-Primary Committee to work with pre-primary staff (this is an immediate issue), a Health and Sport Committee and a Grounds Committee.


Jacqueline Small - The minutes will now be available via the website:  www.onlinecommunities.com.au  for those with access to the Internet.  Those who have provided their email address will receive them via the net.  Alternatively, they will be available from Canning Vale and Ranford Primary Schools and hopefully also from Paul Andrew’s office at the Sanctuary Waters shops on the corner of Campbell and Ranford Rds (to be confirmed).  Anyone unable to get a copy is very welcome to call Jacqui on 9455 5595 and a copy will be sent.  The above decision has been made to cut the high costs associated with a mass mail out.  The minutes will be available two weeks before the next meeting so that everyone has a chance to read them prior to attending.


Enrolments for 2002

Lyn Thackray - Pre-primary children at Ranford were given an enrolment form where some of the information given was a little ambiguous.  Are these forms to be filled in and given in to Ranford Primary, or are parents to wait?

ACTION:  Peter Glendenning to confirm.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 26th September 2001 at 7.30pm in the Ranford Primary School Library.

The meeting closed at 9.01pm

Note:   For copies of attachments A-G please contact the Secretary Jacqui Small on 9455 5595.

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