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Local Education

East Canning Vale Primary School Well Underway

01 August 2001

Education Department of Western Australia is working with the local Canning Vale community  to build a new primary school.  The new school will relieve pressure of high student numbers currently attending Canning Vale, Forest Crescent, Huntingdale and Ranford Primary Schools.  After opening in 2002 with a student population of approximately 200 children, concentrated mainly in the lower years, student numbers are expected to increase rapidly. 


The local intake area for the school encompasses catchment area bounded by Nicholson Road between Ranford Road and Hughes Street.  Hughes Street, Shreeve Road to Warton Road.  Warton Road between Shreeve and Barrett Street.  Barrett Street between Warton Road and Balfour Street.  Balfour Street between Barrett Street and Ranford Road.  Ranford Road between Balfour Street and Warton Road.  Warton Road and Nicholson Road.  Campbell Road between Nicholson Road and Ranford Road.  Ranford Road between Campbell Road and Nicholson Road. 


The project architects are Loftus Walker Hewitt.  The tender for building the school has been let to Universal Construction.  Construction work on the school site at the corner of Comrie and Campbell Roads commenced in June 2001. 

Accommodation for the school includes: administration block, 13 classrooms with associated activity areas, music room, art and craft room, library/resource centre, three pre-primary classrooms (2 for pre-primary children and 1 for kindergarten children), covered assembly area and canteen, 2 education support unit  classrooms, dental therapy centre and office, landscaping and ground works, and parking including student drop off and pick up areas.  All school buildings will have a strong technology focus to enable the integration of technology into the teaching and learning programs. 


 An implementation committee was established in 2001 and included managing architects, principals and parents of neighbouring schools and representatives of the Education Department.  At present the Parents and Citizens Association along with other sub-committees are in the process of developing a school name, ethos, logo, motto, dress code and arts project.  In the near future sub-committees will be organised to develop traffic and road safety plans.  The involvement of members of the school community will be sought. 


Kindergarten and Pre-Primary enrolments for 2002 are now being accepted at Ranford Primary  School, Orkney Crescent, Canning Vale (9456 5255) and at Canning Vale Primary School, The Ramble, Canning Vale (9455 7500). 

Children eligible for Kindergarten have birth dates between 1st July 1997 to 30th June 1998. 

 Children eligible for Pre-Primary have birth dates between 1st January to 30th June 1997.                       

Staff from East Canning Vale Primary will process formal enrolments for all year levels, at a later date that is still to be announced.


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