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Local Education

Minutes of June Meeting
East Canning Vale Primary School 
Parents and Citizens Association

01 August 2001

Held Wednesday, 20th June, 2001

Meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Chairperson:  Vanessa Smith-Colombini

Colours of the New School Building

The meeting began with special guests displaying interior colour design choices for the new school. 


New Principal

The new principal of East Canning Vale Primary School will be Peter Glendenning.  Peter brings with him invaluable experience and skill as he was involved with the opening of Beeliar Primary.  We look forward to meeting him at the next General Meeting. 

Election of New Secretary

It was announced that Keith King would be unable to continue as acting Secretary due to other work commitments.  Jacqueline Small was elected to the position. 

Thank You to Canning Vale and Ranford P&C’s

It was announced that Ranford Primary P&C will donate half the proceeds from the upcoming Quiz Night, and that Canning Vale Primary P&C will donate $500 to East Canning Vale Primary P&C.  A suggestion was made that thank you letters be sent to both these organisations.
Action:          Vanessa Smith-Colombini

It was decided that East Canning Vale Primary P&C will provide every possible support for the Quiz Night.  Early details are as follows:

            When:            7th September, 2001

            Where:          Willeton Sports Ground

Most importantly, the P&C members can help in three areas – donation of prizes, volunteering to help on the night (as coordinators, scorers, markers etc) and with actual attendance. 

WACSSO Training Night

There were about six people interested in participating in the WACSSO training night.  It was decided that an evening session would be preferable.

The next evening session will be confirmed and booked.

Donation of Flag

It was decided that both Federal and State flags would have to be sourced for the new school. 
Action:          Jacqueline Small

New Local Member of Parliament

Paul Andrews is our new local member of parliament and is located at the Sanctuary Waters shops on the corner of Campbell and Ranford Roads.  Paul will be able to provide photocopying facilities to the P&C, provided advance notice is given and our own paper is provided for large amounts of copying. 


Implementation Committee:  Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, 3rd July 2001.

Uniform Committee:  Navy, bone, ochre and teal presented as possible colour selection.  Opinions were sought from the attendees.  Other suggestions were written down by those interested.  Uniform Working Committee meeting to be held on Tuesday, 26th June.  Uniform samples to be collected from suppliers for display at this meeting.

Action:          Corrina Mantegna

Fundraising Committee:   A meeting will be held shortly to organise the contacting of businesses for donation of prizes.

Logo Committee:  Various logos were presented and discussion followed.  The theme of nature seemed popular.  Further development will be undertaken for these and they will be considered again.

Motto:  Various motto’s were presented and discussed. 

School Name:  A number of names were researched and a selection presented.  Hungerford and associated names were unanimously rejected due to the unfortunate link with the Hungerford Massacre.   


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th July, 2001 at 7.30pm in the Ranford Primary School library.



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