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Local Education

Minutes of September Meeting
East Canning Vale Primary School 
Parents and Citizens Association

Held Wednesday, 26th September, 2001 

Meeting opened at 7.30pm

Chairperson:  Vanessa C-S

Apologies:  Sharon R. & Alison N.

Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and seconded as a true and accurate record.

Business Arising

Enrolments for the school:  these are to be given in to the current school and will all be passed on accordingly.

Correspondence In

Paul Andrews community meeting.

Correspondence Out

Notices of P&C meeting to surrounding primary schools, and to the Comment News, Canning Times and the Weekend Examiner.


Principal’s Report (also see attached A)

Drain:  In association with the Education Department and the City of Gosnells, the area will be cleaned up.  The drain will be filled in and the City of Gosnells anticipates that this will be done by next year.  If this is not possible, it will be fenced until it is filled.

Staffing:  A registrar will be in position shortly.  There are also two deputy principals in an appeal process at this stage.  Teaching staffing process is underway.  The Department of Education has agreed to staff for approximately 300 children at this stage.

Enrolments:  This will be happening over the early weeks in term 4.  It will be done in two stages - for children within the intake area first and secondly for children outside the intake area on a case by case basis.

School Times:  At this stage it is envisaged that the school times will be from 8.30am until 3pm for Monday through Friday except for Wednesday when school will finish at 2pm to allow for staff support programs - allowing for a collaborative time each week. 

MOTION:  That these times be voted upon by a show of hands from those present at the meeting and that with majority support these become the school times until such time that it becomes necessary to review (perhaps 2003).

Result:  The proposed school times received majority support.

Kindergarten times are yet to be confirmed, but it is proposed that morning times be 8.30am - 11.15am and afternoon sessions to be 12.15pm - 3pm with Wednesday to be the day off.

Other Issues: 

Possibly tours for prospective parents in December.

Oval and brick paving to be done shortly.

In-term swimming - it is envisaged that these will take place for years PP-7 at the Riverton Leisure Centre (off High Rd).

Treasurer’s Report (see appendix B)

School Art Report (see appendix C)

Fundraising Report (see appendix D)

Uniform Report (see also appendix E)

MOTION:  The East Canning Vale P&C use Perm-a-Pleat as their uniform stock supplier.

Result:  The motion was received majority support.

School Name Report (see appendix F)

Logo Report (see appendix G)

MOTION:  That all present at the meeting vote by ballot tonight to determine the most popular logo design and that this should then be the new logo.

Result:  The motion that voting on the logo should take place at the meeting was supported by the majority.

Ballot Results:  22 attendees of the 35 who voted chose option #48.

Canteen Report

MOTION:  That a lunch bar option is utilised for a limited time until the school is functioning and the canteen committee have a better idea of what type of facility is needed.

Motion seconded by Corrina M.

Result:  The motion received majority support.

Action:  Jane to research further for the above.


Peter Glendenning - a library committee is needed as parental assistance and advice is required.  The focus will be on getting as many books as possible.

Corrina M. - Power line report (see appendix H)

Vanessa S-C - Sponsorship.  Recently Subway Willeton and Canning Vale approached the P&C about their willingness to sponsor areas within the new school - particularly the canteen and the newsletter. The P&C need to give some thought to sponsorships for the new school.  In particular, in what areas would sponsorship funds be best utilised and what sponsors should the P&C approach and accept funding from.  Some suggested areas are listed below:

Corinna M. - Could surnames be taken out of the minutes for those wishing to not have their details posted on the Internet site. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 24th October 2001 at 7.30pm in the Ranford Primary School library.

The meeting closed at 8.57pm.


East Canning Vale Primary School
Parents and Citizens Association


Treasurer’s Report (appendix B)

26 September 2001

Please find attached, copies of the following:

  • Receipts Journal (all money received);

  • Payments Journal (with confirmation of payment);

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement showing money available to the Association;

  • Copy of latest Commonwealth Bank Statement

A cheque for $130.55 was sent to WASSCO to pay for Affiliation fee and Public Liability Insurance.

We are still using the interim cheque book and I will place an order for a large cheque book as soon as a name for the school is decided.  The bank confirmed that there is no problem in using the interim cheques.

With the $246.70 from the Fashion parade, we have a total of $1,141.28.  We should be receiving a cheque for just over $2000 from the Ranford Primary School P & C in the near future.  This amount is from the Quiz night, which was hosted by Ranford and East Canning Vale Primary Schools.

Andre’a W

School Name Report (see appendix F)

 Convenor, School Naming Committee

DATE:            26TH  SEPTEMBER 2001
TO:                EAST CANNING VALE P & C
FROM:           ANNIE

Several weeks ago the school name and enrolment survey was circulated to the school catchment area.  Results of the school name surveys returned were as follows:

                        1.   Brooklands      2.   Campbell      3.   Nicholson


A report to the nomenclature committee was prepared and submitted on Friday 7th September outlining:

·   rationale for the names (including pros and cons)

·   evidence of how we involved the school community in the decision making

·   a summary of the process used for obtaining the recommended list of names

At present we await the decision by the nomenclature committee and following that, the Minister of Education.


Logo Report (see appendix G)

Convenor, School Logo Committee
26th September 2001

DATE:                        26TH SEPTEMBER 2001
TO:                            EAST CANNING VALE P & C
FROM:                       ANNIE
RE:                            PROPOSED LOGO FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL

Following the previous motion and subsequent vote from the P & C meeting held Wednesday 22nd August 2001, the three most popular logo choices (logos #10, #5, #9) were re-submitted to the graphic artist David Peake for further development.  Ideas suggested by members present at the previous P & C meeting were taken into account and incorporated into the updated designs.

Some of the ideas were:

  •       Including a more stylised heron and one that was larger than in the previous logos

  •       Depicting logos in possible school colours

  •       Replacing “East Canning Vale” with the most popular name choices “Brooklands”/”Campbell” as the length of the name E.C.V. changed the appearance of the logo slightly

The following five logos are now presented for final examination:


Those wishing to see copies of the other reports can get copies from Paul Andrew’s office, Ranford & Canning Vale Primary School’s offices or by contacting the P&C Secretary. 

Thank you.


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