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Yellow Fish Found in Brookland Greens!
“Yellow Fish” invade Brookland Greens!


A water drain stencilling programme has been introduced to Western Australia by the Canning Catchment Coordinating Group, It is an initiative of the Stormwater Industry Association and has already proved very successful in Canada and the eastern states of Australia.

The programme involves stencilling stormwater roadside inlets with yellow fish.

The stencilling and the simultaneous letter-dropping to Brookland Greens residences with information pamphlets in the shape of yellow fish.

The pamphlet informs us how we can assist in the management of waterways and groundwater through our everyday activities around the house. The message: What goes down the street drains ends in our waterways.

“The Yellow Fish programme has already been introduced to a number of urban catchments within the City of Gosnells, and local residents have been keen to learn about drains and their links to our rivers. Most people just do not realise that what goes down the drain does end up in our precious waterways,” said Gosnells Mayor Pat Morris.

People interested in programmes for the catchment of the Upper Canning and Southern Rivers are are encouraged to contact Catchment Coordinator Colleen Martin at the City of Gosnells on 9391 3217.

Content of Article Courtesy of City of Gosnells
Updated 27 May 2001



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