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Minister Approves Develop Plans

State Government Approves City of Gosnells Plans for Development

Potential Improved Communities through Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan
From the West Australian

Communities to adopt mixed-use plan

PLANNING Minister Alannah MacTieman has approved the City of Gosnells' development plan for Canning Vale after two years of negotiations. 

The development area has the potential to house about 12,000 people, with the residential component alone estimated to cost more than $800 million.

Known as Amendment 478, the 1 plan adheres to the State Government's "Liveable Neighbourhoods -Community Design Code", which was endorsed by the City of Gosnells.

The Liveable Neighbourhoods policy is a move away from urban sprawl development. It encourages mixed-use development and the establishment of shops and public facilities within walking distance of residential areas.

"Amendment 478 represents a significant landmark achievement for Canning Vale," Mayor Pat Morris said.



Environmental benefits are achieved because there is less reliance on the motor vehicle in Liveable Neighbourhoods.

City of Gosnells strategic planning director Stuart Jardine said community safety from an urban design point of view, through pas- sive surveillance, was a corner- stone of the structure plan.

Passive surveillance is achieved by establishing pedestrian thoroughfares, buildings facing streets, a footpath network and well-lit areas.

"The implications long term in terms of sustain ability are huge," Mr Jardine said. "Suburbs will no longer be dormant and all amenities will be easier to get to."

With the finalisation of the Canning Vale amendment, work has now started to develop similar structure plans for other expanding areas such as those in Southern River.

The Liveable Neighbourhoods policy will also be incorporated into the redevelopment plans for the Maddington and Kenwick areas. The planning process for these areas is expected to start in mid- 2002.



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