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Agreement to Enhance Canning Vale

State Government Approves City of Gosnells
Plans for Development

Local & State Government Plan to Enhance the Canning Vale Community
Also see Potential Improved Communities through Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan

The City of Gosnells have reached an important milestone for planning the future of Southern River, including Canning Vale. "T
he District Structure Plan" will be used as a guide to the future development of our community. It includes development of roads, major community facilities, neighbourhood structures and conservation and Bush Forever areas.  

The Gosnells City Council states the primary goals of plan are to encourage development that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

The plan also provides proposals for implementing the plan, including zoning matters, steps for the changes, and financial and management arrangements. The Plan reports extensive community consultation, technical data collection and review, and the advice of local and State government authorities.  

The District Structure Plan provides a guide to the future development and management of key vital environmental issues.

Liveable Neighbourhoods
Liveable Neighbourhoods has been adopted as a guide for the establishment of a neighbourhood structure to shape the new communities. Under this approach, neighbourhoods are clustered together in groups to support town centres which will typically contain local shops and employment opportunities.

New Retail Areas to be Developed
New urban areas will be served by existing District Centres at Canning Vale. Local neighbourhood shopping is proposed in the centres which will be located within clusters of the communities. Retail floor space needs detailed planning and additional commercial and home-based business opportunities are also provided adjacent to the town centres and within the community.

Not all issues are determined in detail during development of the Plan - hence  some elements of the plan are indicative.


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